Awesome Space Saving Interior Design Ideas For Small Property Owners

Those of you living in a smaller property need to think long and hard about the best ways of saving space. If you plan to undertake a redesign project during the next couple of months, now is the time to start your research. Thankfully, there are lots of simple ways you can make the most of the space you have. You just need to think outside of the box and take inspiration from articles like this. No matter how much room you have to play with, making real improvements should be easy with a bit of creativity. You won’t even have to spend a fortune if you shop around for the best deals.

Add built-in shelving units

Custom-made built-in shelving units are the perfect solution for storing all those books, DVDs, and more. As you can see from the image we’ve attached to this post, they can make a real difference when it comes to saving space. You could even house your TV in such a unit if you get one for your living room. Just make sure you take all the measurements properly before getting in touch with a relevant design company. The last thing you want is for the product to arrive in the wrong size or shape. You probably wouldn’t realise until you put it together.

Buy futon sofas

Futon sofas are ideal for saving space and providing extra beds in your home. You can place them in spare rooms as well as your living room for the optimum benefits. With a bit of luck, they should give it a completely new aesthetic. A double futon could be very handy if you have friends coming to stay during the next couple of months. Believe it or not, they can be just as comfortable as a standard bed. You just need to make sure you don’t purchase the cheapest items on the market. They are almost certainly of an inferior quality compared to some of the premium solutions around today.

Acquire beds with hidden storage

When it comes to buying permanent beds, there is a lot of selection on the market. Those of you with a slightly higher budget should consider getting a four-poster. Anyone trying to limit spending should opt for something cheaper. Either way, you must make sure the product you purchase contains lots of hidden storage. Beds with drawers underneath are popular because they remove the need for extra bedroom furniture. Sure, you’re still going to require a wardrobe, but all your folded clothing now has a better home.


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Presuming you manage to implement those three space saving ideas, you should be on the right path. As we said at the top of this page, there are many different concepts and products you might like to consider. It all comes down to what you hope to achieve, and how much cash you’re willing to spend. We wish you the best of luck with your redesign and hope that you manage to reach all your goals without breaking the bank.



The Items Every Home Improver Should Have

If you’re into DIY, you know things can go wrong. Not only can they go wrong, but you can be unprepared. Preparing for the worst is usually the best case scenario. Be ready to combat any and all problems that arise in your home.

What does this mean exactly? What should you have ready? It’s never easy to tell. Having a general supply of materials is your best best.

Let’s go through the essentials.

Your Tools

No home improver can be without these. Even if you don’t use everything in your toolbox, you’d be lost without it. Keep it near, and keep it dear. Inside contains the two most helpful items you’ll need for DIY. Your screwdriver and your hammer.

Of course, some jobs require a little more than that. If you’re particularly into woodworking and such, a saw and a saw table out in the garage would give you a safe and effective way to work. Of course, you can’t forget the measuring tape.

Neither can you not include a spirit level. If you’re hanging pictures or fitting shelves, you’re going to have to make they’re level.


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Your Guides

Over the years, you may have bought many DIY guides. While many are available on the internet now, some people just like them on paper for easy reference. Whether you’ve bought books upon books on DIY or just printed guides from the internet, you’ll need them.

You may be so well versed in DIY that you could do some jobs with your eyes closed. That doesn’t matter. A memory lapse happens to everybody at some point. You don’t want to forget a step at a crucial moment.

Keep a binder of basic and more advanced DIY guides. Keep it brief, and stick to the illustrated and important stuff. If you want to jog your memory, you need your guides to be as efficient as possible.

Your Materials

Whether you’ve got a garage full of timber or a shed full of industrial adhesives, you need to keep them ready and close. Disaster can strike at any minute in the home. A shelf can fall. A chair leg can snap. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t overload your storage space though. Most materials for DIY will last a good few years or more so don’t feel pressured into buying constantly. Even when you use some, don’t replace it. Wait until you have roughly a third left, and then you can.

Your Phonebook

Yes, this is probably your most important tool when all else fails. Calling in a true professional to do the jobs you can’t. There’s no shame in it; they’re the real deal while you’re a weekend hobbyist.

The phonebook might be a little outdated in this age, but the sentiment still stands. Have a good plumber/electrician/handyman on standby should something come up you can’t fix. Granted, you can try to solve temporarily the problem by doing something. It’s best to leave the big jobs to the people who have the time and training to fix them.

Four Ways To Bring Your Kitchen Into The Future

Are you tired of living in the past? Do you dream of the luxurious future that has been promised for years? Then it is time to move forward and what better place to start than in your home. You may not have noticed, but technology has moved forward without you even realising. In some places, things have taken small steps and others, giant leaps. We will look at your kitchen as an example. How can you make your kitchen more modern?

Let’s Be More Efficient

We know that gas powered hobs are cheaper to fuel than electric.  But there are plenty of reasons to switch to electric. For example, with an electric oven you can mix and match your sources of heat for different effects such as grilling your food. The flat surface is also easy to wipe clean with a few easy swipes. Furthermore, using an electric oven the temperature is in your control and easier to adjust. With new induction hobs, electric power is no longer expensive. Induction hobs only heat the bottom of the surface you are cooking, not the whole hob.


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Let’s Save Time

If you are like me, you heat up the kettle for a cup of tea, leave the room and forget all about it. No tea or coffee can make the day very tedious indeed. But all that is about to change with the latest boiling water tap. No more waiting for the water to boil to make your tea or for the hob to heat up. Click here and start revolutionising your cooking today.

Let’s be Futuristic

We have all seen those science fiction films with the high-tech concepts that make lives easier. But the future is now. For example, did you know there is such a thing as a Smart Fridge. Similar to a smartphone the smart fridge does more than you would expect. It has a WiFi connection and the ability to alert you when you are running low on products. It can sense what you are keeping in your fridge and change the temperature accordingly. If you are out shopping, you may receive a text alert from your fridge telling you what to buy. Scary, yet incredible.

Let’s be Beautiful

The kitchen can be a rather messy place, particularly if you are an energetic cook. Therefore, if you have hard to clean floors like carpet, then it is time to get rid of it. Pull it up and start from scratch. Try some gorgeous cream marble flooring. The change will cost a little cash, but the final product will make your kitchen look modern and beautiful.

Let’s Get Creative

Why stop there? We live in a world where the only limit to what you can have is your imagination. Do you want to use your morning cup of coffee to send messages to your friends? You can do that. Do you want to clean your kitchen with a tech magic wand? You can do that too so get online and start researching. The possibilities are endless. Why not look at some other ways to modernise your house?

5 Must-Have Items For Your Large Living Space

When you are blessed with a large living space, you have an enormous amount of choice for what you can do with the area. Some people like to create big open plan family rooms to incorporate children’s toys, comfy sofas and a table. Others like to divide the room up to create more intimate spaces for particular uses. Big spaces can be a luxury or even a hindrance. The toughest challenge is finding the best furniture to maximise a large area. We give you the top 5 pieces of furniture to wow any good size room:

  1. Deep corner suite – Lots of space allows you to create luxurious seating arrangements. You can accommodate a large family or lots of friends. Don’t go over the top though. Sometimes less is more. Stick to cosy spacing rather than setting your furniture against the walls. Create a square around a large coffee table, or angle your seating to make the most of an open fire. Two corner suites can be just right in a large room. Individual armchairs can look a little lost in a big space.


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  1. Piano – Even if you don’t play, a piano is a great way to fill a large space. As pieces of furniture, they can add structure and shape to a room like no other item. If you do play, you can ask a company like Markson Pianos to help you choose one that suits the unique acoustics of your room. For a modern look choose a black gloss finish. If you’re looking for something more traditional, try a Walnut patterned piano. Even if your room isn’t huge, a five-foot baby grand piano can usually fit in quite well and be a joy to play every evening.


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  1. Grandfather Clock – A big room deserves gorgeous and ornate furniture. A grandfather clock will look at home here, especially if you have high ceilings. If height is an issue, step down to a grandmother clock instead. The casing and movement will look exquisite against any wall. You may choose a wood finish to match the fireplace mantel, or select something to contrast. There are many fine clock makers around to provide you with a modern look to match any style.


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  1. Sideboard – A good sideboard made of solid wood like oak can make a grand statement in a large room. It will look great against a long wall. Sideboards also provide great storage for all your family games and books. Use the top of it to display family photos, or place romantic candles to create just the right mood for the evening.


Image provided by Wonderlane

  1. Rug – Hardwood floors are so beautiful, particularly in a large room. A good sized rug placed in the centre of the seated area will contrast with the wood well. Choose natural fibres like wool to add that little touch of luxury.

Whatever style of decor you prefer for your interiors, the right choice of furniture can help you achieve the look you like. Careful placement can help the room feel more homely. Use great furniture to make a big impact for your big room this season.


Wicked Ways to Trim Your Energy Bills This Winter

The winter can be an expensive season for a lot of people. It can get extremely cold and it’s tempting to have the heating on a lot of the time. This makes costs mount up and you end up spending a small fortune on energy bills. It’s difficult to get around this. If it’s cold, you need to keep warm. This is especially true if you live in a listed building with single glazed windows.

But, there are quite a few things you can do to trim down your energy bills this winter. The most obvious would be to go green, or embrace some sort of solar power. And this is effective, but it’s also costly up front, and you may not want to fork out for the expense. And you don’t have to. Here are four ways in which you can cut down on your energy bills this winter, and none of them are too expensive.

Keep Windows Shut


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This seems like an obvious point to make, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t. You need to make sure you keep your windows shut and locked as often as possible. If you don’t have double glazing, you need to get that. But even if you do you’ve still got to ensure that you keep the windows closed. Hot air escapes quickly, and the cold air will work its way in before you know it. By keeping windows closed and locked as much as possible you preserve the warm air inside and you won’t feel the cold as much.

Wrap Up Warm


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Again the concept of wrapping up warm seems obvious. But it’s amazing how many people you see sat around in a t-shirt. If it’s cold outside the best way to keep warm is extra layers. You need to be sure you’re wearing enough to keep you warm. If you get too warm you can always remove layers to cool down. But by keeping lots of warm layers on it means you don’t need to have the heating on. This is a great cost-effective way of cutting down on your energy bills, and still keeping warm and comfortable.

Install a Fire


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If you feel like you need to have heat in the house you should get a fire installed. This might be a little bit of work to begin with, but it’s worthwhile. You’ll also have plenty of choice available too. Many fireplaces take a lot of time and effort to create, from the fireboxes to the sheet metal inserts provided by Tekneek Sheet Metal Fabrication. And you can tell that they’re painstakingly crafted because of how great they’ll make your place look, and the difference they’ll make to those energy bills. Get a fireplace installed and you’ll be able to heat your home and cut down on your energy bills. With a fire you can burn wood, coal and other fossil fuels, so you can enjoy free heating.


Eat Hot Food


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As you know, during the winter it’s important to keep warm. As mentioned earlier wearing lots of layers is an important part of this. But another important part is to make sure you eat and drink hot food. There’s nothing better to warm you up on a cold winter’s evening than a hot stew or casserole. These foods are perfect for the winter time. They fill you up, keep your energy levels high and keep you warm.