5 Vintage Accent Pieces For Your Home

Vintage chic is all the rage right now. The look takes inspiration from throwbacks to the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. Creating an entire home in this vintage theme might not be for everyone. You can still get in on the action, though, by using some accent pieces throughout your home. Accent pieces are special features in your home that draw attention to a certain style or theme. Adding a few pieces to  your house will work, as it will make the house look en vogue, without being overbearing. Make sure that you choose your pieces with care. Some pieces will look better than others in your particular home. Think about the colours and décor of your house at the moment 

and choose pieces that will match your home. Here are five vintage accent pieces that would look great for some inspiration.

1. Floral Furniture

It is modern to have a large, plain looking sofa in your home. Of later, modular sofas have become popular as they allow you to change the look of your suite any time that you want to do so. Why not look into a more creative style though? Floral patterns in sofas and chairs look stunning in modern homes. Th

e look is reminiscent of late 1950’s décor, yet can integrate into a modern setting with ease. If you can’t find the piece you want then, you can make your own. Buy an old sofa and have it reupholstered with vintage pattern material.

2. Wicker Table And Chairs

If your dining room is looking a little drab then, why not change your dining furniture? Wicker dining furniture will be hard to get your hands on, but if you can find some, it will lo

ok fantastic in your home. Often you can find dining furniture a neutral colour, such as pale blue or clean white. If it is not, though, then, you can paint the piece yourself with some quality wood paint. Use soft pillows and cushions to make the wicker furniture look less harsh and more comfortable.


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3. Vintage Vanities

Don’t neglect your bathroom when you are revamping your home. You can find some stunning dual sink vanities in Dallas that will make your bathroom look incredible. Vanity cabinets are the height of sophistication and take inspiration from 1960’s design. Make sure that you buy a quality product that will last you a matter of years, rather than months. Look for pieces with real wooden panels and well-made joints when buying a cabinet.

4. Retro Radios

The 1950’s was the golden age of radio in America. That is why when buying a radio; you should look into retro 1950’s style gadgets. The radio will look great in any room of the home, and you you should invest a good amount of money into buying one. A real, authentic retro radio will cost you a lot from antique stores. You can pick up a vintage style radio from department stores for a fraction of the price.

5. Woollen Bedding

Woollen blankets and bedding make a bedroom look cosy and comfortable. There is nothing wrong with having some home-comforts in your house. Look into patchwork and kitsch designs when choosing your blankets. Remember, you don’t have to get plain, dull sheets for your bed. You’re not running a hotel after all. Express yourself and buy blankets that are as creative as they are colourful. If you are crafty, you might even want to try and knit some blankets for your bedroom. Doing so will take you quite some time, but the result will be unique and beautiful. Look into some designs online to give you some inspiration.

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