Must-Have Features That Enlightened People Look For In A Home Today

People are far more clued up these days than they once were in what features they expect in a modern home. Modern living standards and innovations enable us all to live a more comfortable life than our parents did.

New homes must conform to the latest building codes of practice which means that they are constructed to a high standard. Older properties were only designed to meet the codes of the day. If you are about to buy a new house from an estate agents in Clacton on Sea, or anywhere else, here are a few must-have features that enlightened people look for in a home today.


Is the house environmentally friendly? In order to limit your carbon footprint, you must keep the energy you use in the home to a minimum. There are several ways to keep consumption down, the main one being adequate insulation. Here is a couple of ways to insulate your home.

  • Put some thermal insulation in the loft. You must put a barrier in place to prevent heat from escaping through the top of the house. The thermal properties of the insulation used and the number of layers you put down will affect the efficiency of it. The insulation comes in rolls, so you can buy one or more whenever you can afford it and cover the loft gradually. Fit the first layer between the ceiling joists and subsequent layers at ninety degrees to the one below. The thicker the insulation is, the better it will perform.

  • Insulate the cavity walls to put a warm jacket on the house. The contractors blow the insulation through holes in the outer walls, and it does not intrude into the home.

Lighting the home uses much electricity, but modern LED bulbs are the answer. Retrofit them when you move in, or install new fittings to start saving money on the bills immediately.


People expect to see high quality bathroom fittings that are installed by professionals. The standard of the bathroom can affect the selling price of the property, so when you are looking to buy, take that into consideration.


As with the bathroom, quality is key. Modern kitchen designs are works of art, and they can make or break the sale of a house. Be discerning when you look at properties because the perfect kitchen awaits you.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is very desirable these days now that people have experienced it in their vehicles. Some houses have central air con installed, so the temperature can be kept at a comfortable level even during the hottest weather.

Swimming Pool

Spanish villas do not have a monopoly on swimming pools anymore, and houses that have a sunken pool in the back garden get snapped up very quickly. Gardens are used as valuable spaces for entertaining these days; not just a place to work in every weekend. There are many other garden features that are in demand, such as jacuzzis and summer houses. All of those things add up to make a home desirable.

I hope you have found this article informative, and you know what to expect from your next home.


Photo by Anna Hanks

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